Thursday, December 05, 2013


01. FOR MY BELIEFS because oh do I believe this.
02. FOR MY ADVENTURESS because she's pretty fun.
03. FOR MY ENJOYMENT because what's more fun than a moody, unexplored city.
04. FOR THESE TROUBLESOME EYELIDS because coffee really treats them well.
05. FOR MY HEAD because I'd really like to have hair like this
06. FOR MY SATURDAY MORNINGS because I promised N some of these babies.


Diary of a Kiwi Girl said...

Fluffy eggnog cinnamon rolls?! I think my brain just exploded. They sound AMAZING.

Jillian Raymundo said...

i LOVE those boots!

Ashley said...

All of these pictures make me feel so warm and cozy. The boots, scarves, cinnamon rolls... Even the quote. I love it all!

Anoushka said...

01. I believe it too :) Love the color palette, lovely post!

Megan C. Stroup said...

I like all these things, too. :) Nice compilation.

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