Thursday, July 24, 2014

Things I Like

01. FOR MY LOVE because we feel like this when we're together
02. FOR MY TRESSES because I'm still trying to master these sweet waves
03. FOR MY BED because I'd never have to leave again!
04. FOR MY TRAVEL BUG because this is so perfectly moody
05. FOR MY STYLE because this is a pretty stylish summer uniform
06. FOR MY WEEKEND because I'm headed to the coast on Saturday!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

See Austin: Hamilton Pool

Over the past couple of weeks I have been taking N around to see some of my favorite places in Austin. It's so much fun to be able to rediscover places that used to be part of my stomping grounds and to see N discover them for the first time. I feel blessed that I have had this time off of work to be able to take it all in! While my time off has come to an end I still plan on using my weekends to soak up more of what this fun city has to offer.

Today I want to share some pictures of our trip to Hamilton Pool!  It is a natural pool that connects to the Perdernales river.  The overhang that you see is made of limestone and Hamilton Creek spills over the top creating that waterfall, sometimes a trickle, sometimes a bit more. 

It's gorgeous!  I remember taking a field trip here when I was in middle school and I have been in love with it ever since.  Sometimes I can't believe that these little gems are tucked away in Austin and are there for the exploring!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Kueurig K-Cup Brew Over Ice: Game Changer

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What do you think the best K-Cup flavors to use in your Keurig are? Allow me to mix that up!

I moved back to Austin just over a month ago and I'm sure that everyone knows that I am ecstatic to be here!

The biggest adjustment is that it is HOT. and. HUMID. We're dealing with a hot at 8am type of situation.  When I get in my car in the morning the air is muggy and this may seem like a silly thing but I was starting to dislike my daily hot coffee because all it did was warm me up which is the last thing I wanted, naturally. But let's be honest, a morning without coffee? As if.

Thanks to #CollectiveBias, I discovered Keurig's brew over ice varieties. I am really glad that I decided to pick these babies up because they really are a game changer! It's probably the best thing to happen to the Keurig since the Keurig itself. Now my drives to work are refreshing rather than making me feel extra sluggish. I can look forward to my coffee again and that calls for a #BrewItUp!

But coffee doesn't get to have all the fun! Regardless of the mugginess and the heat, I love sitting outside and enjoying the backyard with my family. While looking for my iced coffee I also happened to see the Snapple K-Cups in Peach! My dad is a die hard peach tea fan so I thought it would be fun to have it on hand! I bought it and decided to save it for a warm night on the back porch. 

I had a great opportunity to share it with my parents and boyfriend when we all came together to hang out one evening. We grilled some burgers and sat outside while we played with the pups. Let me tell you, the peach tea was a hit! 

You can purchase your #BrewOverIce K-Cups at Wal-Mart and be sure to have a wide variety to choose from. I plan on trying the Raspberry and lemon tea flavors as well!

To get your best brew, brew your favorite and newfound Brew Over Ice flavors on the 6oz (small) or the 8oz (medium) setting for the best brewed taste.

Have you ever tried any of the Keurig Brew Over Ice varieties? What did you think?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Connecting to Your Loved one With Greeting Cards

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For as long as I can remember I've loved giving greeting cards. I am a believer in the power and sincerity of giving a physical   I'm the one that gets giddy when I see a "card giving holiday" coming up on the calendar. I think that this sentiment is extra special in today's time because it is more common now days to send a note via social media or email.

Technology is wonderful and there are so many ways to show your support and love via social media but there is just something about receiving a tangible card that is extra personal and meaningful.  And if you're anything like me then you like to take a card that is simple in itself and add your own words to really make it really special.

This season has brought me tons of opportunities to send a card and make someone's day extra special. I have a young cousin that is marrying his high school sweetheart, my youngest brother is just turning 20, one of my best friends is graduating with her masters, and another friend just found out that she is pregnant! I feel like these accomplishments and occasions are something that should be celebrated. My loved ones should know that their wins span farther than themselves and that I genuinely want to celebrate their good news with them. What better way than to send a card letting them know how happy I am for them and how much they mean to me?

Hallmark's Value Card selection at Wal-Mart is pretty top-notch! When you are an avid card giver it can really start to add up so it's really a game changer when you find pretty, high quality cards for a great price (think under $1!).

With the help of #Collectivebias I am all stocked up and ready to send cards out to these wonderful people in my life. I purchased my Hallmark #ValueCards at Wal-Mart where there is a great selection that is sure to have you covered regardless of the occasion.

If you're an avid card giver then make sure you sign up for the Hallmark Cards Reward program and earn a reward for every 5 cards you buy. Make sure you check out Connections from Hallmark to sign up for Hallmark Rewards, and to see great content from other bloggers. Join in the #ValueCards conversation on Twitter! **