Showing My Pup a little Love with Nudges

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I wanted to take a moment and talk about one of the biggest parts of my life that I don’t talk about too often… my children. Okay okay, before you freak out I should tell you that by “my children” I really mean my pups. I don’t have any actual human children yet (maybe somday!) but I have my hands full with our three babies and I absolutely love it!


There are probably a million and one ways in which my dog makes my life better but to save on time I’ll highlight the big ones 😉

We share. We share a bed, a couch, a love for running, an affinity for lounging in the backyard, and a small obsessions with dog videos on youtube.

We bond. We watch movies and tv shows (complete with snacks!), we have deep conversations, and we try new things (like the community dog bath).

We get social. We go to the dog park, take walks around town lake, and we even take selfies.


When I really think about it I feel like I end up spending more time with my dog that with actual humans…is that weird? Eh, I’m okay with it.

She’s my baby and as such she is absolutely spoiled rotten, I swear. I mean, she even sits in the kitchen while I make dinner. I steal samples as it is cooking and little Ellie gets her Nudges Dog Treats. This is such a sweet time because I love to cook and I spend a good amount of time in the kitchen and having my little pup by my side makes the experience all the more enjoyable. Nudges grillers and sizzlers are perfect for our time together because I can’t sample my food knowing that Ellie wants some as well. As much as I would love to feed her some of my food I know it isn’t what is best for her, so Nudges to the rescue! I’m hooked on these because they are natural and made in the USA and with only USA sourced protein. I’m kind of a dork so I like to coordinate her treats with what I am making. Beef when I am making burgers and chicken when I am making chicken (check out all the varieties on



My dogs are truly a part of my family and I like to treat them in a way that reflects that. I want to make sure that my little Ellie is nurtured in every aspect of her life which is why I feed her the way that I feed myself and my family.

If you’re wanting to pick some up for yourself, I’d recommend the Jerky Cuts 36 oz. value size at Wal-Mart because honestly, you’re going to want a lot of ’em.


How do you nurture your pet? Have you tried Nudges dog Treats?

Show your pet some love and #nudgethemback with new Nudges Grillers and Sizzlers. Check them out at and let me know which ones you’d choose for your little fuzzball.

And don’t forget to visit them on facebook and share your story!


See Austin: Hamilton Pool

Today I’d love to share a few pictures that we took when we visited Hamilton pool!

Over the past couple of weeks I have been taking N around to see some of my favorite places in Austin. It’s so much fun to be able to rediscover places that used to be part of my stomping grounds and to see N discover them for the first time. I feel blessed that I have had this time off of work to be able to take it all in! While my time off has come to an end I still plan on using my weekends to soak up more of what this fun city has to offer.

Hamilton Pool is a natural pool that connects to the Perdernales river.  The overhang that you see is made of limestone and Hamilton Creek spills over the top creating that waterfall, sometimes a trickle, sometimes a bit more.

Hamilton Pool, Austin

Hamilton Pool, Austin
Hamilton Pool, Austin

Hamilton Pool is gorgeous!  I remember taking a field trip here when I was in middle school and I have been in love with it ever since.  Sometimes I can’t believe that these little gems are tucked away in Austin and are there for the exploring!


Monthly Goals for February

Okay, so yeah, February you guys. It is already almost half over and I am just getting around to sharing my goals with you. Yeah, I know. Good thing my goal wasn’t to post my goals on time. But anyway…

In the past, when I was blogging regularly I would post weekly goals. I like the idea of having a public place to post up the things that I want to accomplish, giving myself some accountability. I churned out a few goals each week but after a while it just didn’t feel authentic.  I didn’t feel like I was accomplishing anything this way. Just a bunch of little stepping stones that didn’t take me anywhere.

So after fizzling out with the weekly thing I’ve decided to start fresh and lay out a nice list of goals for the entire month. This way I feel like I can focus on larger, more inspiring goals. No more puny goals, none. I do much better with a longer time frame anyway.

Still with me? Good! Let’s go:

Reach out to 5 bloggers that I admire.  

I haven’t done a great job of getting to know people in the blogging world, I actually kind of feel like a recluse blogger. Blah, that’s so boring. I want to talk and meet people and say hello! It’s definitely intimidating to email someone out of the blue and say ‘hey, I like you, I think you’re awesome.’ Like really, heart palpitations over here. But to me it feels honest and I think people can respect that.

Start a new series on the blog.

I’ve had an idea for a little bi-weekly series floating around in my head for like…a year? Maybe? It’s nothing crazy but it is something that is special to me that would mesh really well with where I would like this blog to go… oh am I being vague? That’s my bad. More to come soon!

Work on Starting a Capsule Wardrobe

Okay, so I am over the top intrigued by the idea of a capsule wardrobe.  I’ve been familiar with the idea for a while now but just recently did I really start considering it. I feel like it might be pretty hard to stick with but that it precisely why I want to try.  And I mean, how cool is the girl that can limit herself to a handful of items and still manage to look ah-mazing (cough, caroline, cough).


I’m putting this in my inaugural monthly goal post but this one really rings true for the whole year. This is the thing that has most convicted my soul and something that I have a growing passion for. I went through time in my life where I genuinely thought that having more stuff meant that I would be less stressed, more prepared for whatever came my way. Imagine me when I realized that all the amassed “stuff” was actually a larger burden than the one I was trying to avoid. Go figure. There is a great deal of peace in living with less.

So that’s that. What are your goals for February?


Would you Foster an Animal?

In college I had a few friends that fostered dogs. I admired them for it but I didn’t think that I would ever do it myself. For one, I can’t not get attached. I can’t take in an animal, feed it, nurture it, and care for it and then give him up to someone else without feeling some sort of big loss. Secondly, I was always worried about the commitment to getting a dog adopted.

But you know, never say never.

Meet Hank…

If you’re following me on instagram then you may already know this but… I’m fostering a dog!

I get really mushy when it comes to animals, especially dogs. Last week someone shared a post on facebook explaining that there were a group of dogs that were at risk of being euthanized in San Antonio due to the overpopulation of their kennels. I knew I shouldn’t look at all the pictures but I did, of course, and there was no going back.

It pains me to think of any of these pups being put to sleep but as I was looking at the pictures there was just something about this one pup. I was hit with such a strong conviction that I couldn’t get past so I went for it. It was a whirlwind thing. One night I was looking at a picture of this precious puppy and the next day I was driving through San Antonio’s rush hour traffic to pick him up.

I feel so blessed that he has fit right in with the dogs that I already have and I have already had a few people interested in adopting him!

If I didn’t already have a few pups myself I might actually want to do this all the time but alas, Nick wouldn’t let me.

Would you ever foster a dog? Have you? What was your experience?


Life As of Late

Life as of late has gone a little something like so…

one. I recently puppy sat for some friends and I couldn’t get over how precious the little guy was… and how energetic which reminded me of the unique joys of having an adult dog.  I feel that I am officially past the stage of wanting another puppy.

two. Austin constantly inspires me with its everything. I like taking snaps of the things I see around town that touch me. This quote by Mark Twain says “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” This year, for me, is about exploring and about fighting my homebody urge to stay home. This quote says it all.

three.  Speaking of exploring and eating (did someone say eating??) we have been making it a point to get out and try some new to us restaurants. I had been hearing such good things aboutt the pizza at Pieous! The night we chose to go was rainy and cold and I almost called it off (homebody curse!) but I didn’t and we had the best time. If you’re ever in Austin, try to stop by this place, you won’t be disappointed.

Four. My parents have a cat that thinks he’s a dog, and he just happens to do cute things, like peeking ever so slightly over the top of the couch.

Five. Umm, food again! My mom and I both had monday off of work so we kicked off a mother-daughter day at one of our favorite local places. Consequently I’d also recommend Magnolia cafe if you are ever in town…

Six. I’ve been thinking a lot about our trip to New Mexico last fall and when to start planning the one this year. Im kinda sorta wanting to take the trip in November/December this year so we can camp during the snowy season. Call me crazy, I like it cold.